Our Private Drones


the Drones…..bring them on I say. Droning the city. Droning at your balcony. If you’re going to use them to check on people, then really, there needs to be one for each person on the globe, 7 billion of them….then one could really keep an eye on things. But being realistic, it would probably be more in the ratio of one drone for every….(how many people are important enough?…..N.)

I’m sure they’ll be quiet, and merely…appear. Hey, we could name them as we got to know them…”hi billy, how’s your evening going, anyone straying?”…

What if I want to hire one for the afternoon, say, to go and fetch my takeaway? (What if we form them into teams…the Aussie Drone League….the Melbourne 8 Eyes v the Sydney SuperFocus?)

What if everyone just operated their own Drone!

The kicker is….we’ll soon give them autonomy.

(first published Monday, 14 May 2012)


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