“the original form of dictatorship is theocratic.”


 (originally published Saturday, 19 May 2012)
 Quoted from a talk with Christopher Hitchens at the Sydney Writers Festival 2010 for ABC Big Ideas. See full interview here.                                                                            
“One of the threads of my book (Hitch 22) is the struggle to find a position that is consistently anti-totalitarian. I think that is a responsibility that everybody has, whatever there other politics are; and the original form of dictatorship, as George Orwell points out is theocratic. The declaration of independence you have to make before you can can re-assail the totalitarian position is to say that: there can be no celestially imposed unalterable dictatorship, that’s the most sinister kind of all.”

5 thoughts on ““the original form of dictatorship is theocratic.”

    • Yes,…well, kind of. I think the idea that Hitchens subscribed to, (as I do), is that there is nothing after death. Which returns us to the rejection tyranny. Yet, for those who posit an afterlife, they seem to accept a tyrrany not only in this life, but for eternity in that one too. But I’m glad yours is a ‘wish’ for him.

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