Verdigris: and the Succession of Presents


The album Verdigris began life with the idea of response. Each piece was created as a reply to an existing work. What a ruse that became. To intentionally avoid the ‘predicament of presumption’: thinking that an idea for a work starts when one first (consciously) ‘thinks’ it, instead of the complex history of incubating subliminal ideas. read the rest of the essay here.
verdigris: a piano album:
1. emerge:    chordal improvisation 12:46
2. spora:    algorithmic  ecology 11:53
3. dismantle:    internal soundtrack  9:31
4. berceuse:    textured absence  5:29

‘something like an emergency’, is a work of spoken word and music, and is the original form of the piece ‘emerge’. The spoken word was the impetus for the piece, with the music a response to that spoken word. ‘emerge’ is the version without the voice.


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