i can go now
i will exist in his synapses
i’ll await a message that will revive me

as the event recedes
i will become like a distant ship
less and less defined from the horizon i sail on

a residue of these feelings will ebb and flow
it will cross thresholds of recall
i will become a constructed version

he has made another memory of these events
a backup a safety copy
that will compete with and surely replace me
and what i originally referred to

it will most likely be the more reliable version
it will be this time
it will store better what I am likely to loose

for even though a moment
in the eternity of a long saturday afternoon
will etch with clarity the marvellous that surrounds him
temporary suns will evaporate in the oceanic expansion
and i too will succumb
i will be a particle just before the pause
i am an aspiration a bet
that there will be something to recall when needed

i’m glad really, as what is now made cannot be unmade
so I can can be made different, rediscovered
made anew


2 thoughts on “memory

    • thanks for your comments vividhunter. Yes, it is as you say, but also, I wanted to get at the idea of memory as a (re)construction, that could be better stored, for example, on a hardrive, in words, or in film, which is where this poem/voice over is from, my own film ‘the topologist’.

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