“chords from the clamour” is the blog of tom kazas.

see www.tomkazas.net for further details, for example, his works

tom kazas  b. 1965 sydney.
ukelele at 5, pencils at 7, tuba at 10, trumpet at 12. guitar and tape machines at 15,  stages and studios at 17, video camera at 41, pen (again) 44.
guitarist, songwriter and vocalist with the australian psychedelic rock band                       the moffs. 1984 – 1989.
solo recordings from 1989: songs, instrumental music,
theatre and video soundtracks, see discography.
record producer and sound engineer for local and international artists from 1990. continues to work for abc radio in melbourne                                                                    time spent as a film maker, see filmography.                                                                    now, a little writing


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